Part 76A 139X104

09/18/2018 - NEW Oversized Direct Set Window

Proprietary aluminum clad exterior frame...High Performance Glazing... Read more»

Part 76A 139X104

09/04/2018 - FLTA-76

Shop built transoms...Glass forward design... Read more»

Flb Youtube Channel Tn

09/04/2018 - We're on YouTube!

See our new and improved installation videos and subscribe to our channel on YouTube... Read more»

Pro Tex Img2 Tn

08/17/2018 - Pro Tex Brickmould Covers

Pro-Tex is the extra protection for our brickmould from jobsite damage during the construction process... Read more»

Part 75 Expander Step 4 Tn

03/04/2013 - New Clad Expander Application

We are introducing a new expander (FLTA-75) that will be replacing part FLTA-43 and FLTA-58 expanders... Read more»

FLTA36 Mull Cap

09/10/2012 - Aluminum Clad Sidelite Mulls

Important information if your aluminum jamb cover cladding is lifting away, or flaring away, from the mull... Read more»

Green Preclad Frame Tn

Oct 2011 - New "Green" Pre-Clad Entry Door Frame

Sixteen gauge extruded aluminum clad over treated wood substrate, Woodlife 111 total frame guard treats against any rot, decay, splitting, twisting or mold.... Read more»

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