NEW E-Lon® 650 and 730 Weather Strip

Amesbury Truth announces a change; moving Q-lon® weather-strip over to the new and improved performance of E-Lon®

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Amesbury Truth recently informed FrontLine of the
discontinuation of Q-Lon® and introducing the new and improved E-Lon® weather-stripping. The improvements include moving away from a urethane based product over to a more durable and eco-friendly TPE based product. E-Lon® 650 is also removing a section of skin from behind the hinge point reducing the force required to latch the door.

Amesbury Truth is the industry leader in world-class weather sealing for entry doors and patio door systems. E-Lon® door seals stand up to the toughest laboratory testing and are guaranteed to provide superior weather protection along with being AAMA certified to maintain product certification. E-Lon® has also achieved the UL certification for 20 minute fire rating, J rating, UL certification 1784 for smoke and H rating as a gasket.


Pricing will be available via our PDF List Price Book update this September.  Need access?

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