New Clad Expander Application

Please note that we are introducing a new expander (FLTA-75) that will be replacing part FLTA-43 and FLTA-58 expanders.

This will be a rolling change as the old inventory is depleted.

The new expander will be available in either 16’4” lineals or in 8’ lengths only. As parts 58 & 43 are depleted, we will be substituting the new expander (FLTA-75) for those orders.

This new expander will be held in place by a two-sided tape that will be referred to as application tape. This tape is sold separately in 180’ rolls x 1-1/2” wide each. (Part # 514CW-K797. D/C Poly Tape.)

This new expander is very user friendly and will reduce shop labor with a very clean appearance on your finished product.

Note: Do not overlap the jamb cover over the part more than ½” or the jamb cover will lift up. If you need to overlap more than ½” cut down part 75.

Application of the new expander

Part 75 Expander Step 1

Step 1
Apply the tape to the back side of the expander.

Part 75 Expander Step 2

Step 2
Apply the expander to the wood jamb.

Part 75 Expander Step 3

Step 3
Press the expander down to the jamb for good tape adhesion.

4Part 75 Expander Step 3

Step 4
Overlap the jamb cover over the expander. 

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