Aluminum Clad Sidelite Mulls

The past several months we have received a few calls regarding the aluminum jamb cover cladding lifting away, or flaring away from the mull, once the nosing is snapped onto the jamb covers.

In all cases that we inspected, the mull (both 2” and 2.5”) was slightly oversized.

IMPORTANT: All mulls MUST BE a true 2” or 2.5”, or slightly undersized. If the mull width is slightly oversized, even 1/32”, the mull covers can potentially flare away from the mull.

If the mull is oversized, it will cause the mull cap to put undue pressure on the jamb cover locking points causing one or both mull jamb covers to flare away from the mull post. Changing to a one piece mull cover, rather than the two piece mull cover, will help eliminate this problem; however, the mull post must still be the proper width, not oversized. Please advise your mull supplier and your door shop personnel.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service department 800-760-8941.


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