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Builders Series Garage Door Frame

With our Builders Series Garage Door Frame you are ensured that you will never have to paint again! It also doesn’t have those exposed fasteners and is made of heavy-duty aluminum to resist denting and for a more sleek and consistent look.


  • Laminated Strand Lumber Core
  • Treated vertical bottom keeps water from absorbing into the LSL Core
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Aluminum thickness: .062, 16 gauge, 2/16"
  • Corner alignment pin ensures a perfect miter every time
  • Available with 90° square or 45° clipped corners (for 5-1/2" only)

Crownline Nosing

Compliments any style of home, garage or commerical building.

Brickmould Nosing

Matches wood brickmold dimensions exactly.

3 1/2" Add-on Flat Casing

Matches 1x4 trim dimensions.
(Attaches to Crownline)

3 1/2" Flat Casing with J-Mould Trim (Optional)

J-Mould adds a touch of elegance to the Flat Casing (Attaches to Crownline)