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Pre-Clad Entry Door Frames

Pre-Clad Jamb with Brickmould

Pre-Clad Hinge Cut-out

Here at FrontLine we continue to provide the highest quality, low to free- maintenance clad systems on the market. Our pre-clad door frame system is made of the industries best materials. It’s made of 16 gauge heavy-duty extruded aluminum jamb cover, not a coil stock wrapped frame. This material has been a FrontLine standard since the beginning.

Our Pre-Clad Frame works with all our aluminum profiles (crownline, brickmould, and wide add-on casings) which snap onto the aluminum frame locking legs. The extruded aluminum Pre-Clad Frame is specifically designed for pre-hang facililies that want to offer their customers the best available clad frame system with precise engineering. A 16 Gauge extruded aluminum clad over treated wood substrate includes your choice of TruCore® Pine Base (rot, decay, mold, insect and split resistant; clear or primed - treated for life) and FrontLine® Composite Base (rot, decay, mold, insect and split proof). Also available in primed or woodgrain, which stains or paints up like a fiberglass door. Our easy installation will be helpful to your assembly team.


  • Continuous Head and Sill Mull System
  • Available in White, Sandstone, Bronze, Black or Terratone.
  • 4-9/16" and 6-9/16" jamb depth
  • 2-1/2" mull post
  • Mull fits into header to eliminate mull twist and percise fitting
  • Storm door compatible
  • TruCore® treated primed wood substrate with optional stainable wood; complete frame is treated
  • Variable depth for odd width jambs.
  • FrontLine® Composite primed jamb, rot-proof, mold-proof, inset-proof, no water saturation and stronger than wood.
  • Frames are end grain sealed
  • 16 gauge extruded aluminum
  • Included: Sill angle and mull prep, machining for hinges, latch and deadbolt bore. Optional weather seals available.
  • 16 gauge extruded aluminum casings
  • We match your frame specifications
  • No corners to miter, ease of assembly

Pre-Clad Composite with Brickmould

Pre-Clad Composite with Crownline

Pre-Clad Corner View