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Wood Direct Set Windows

There is no good imitation for the beauty and warmth that you get from natural wood. Our wood window provide the versatility and aesthetics of wood in a variety of shapes and species.


Grille in Airspace (GIA):

Grille in airspace is available in most patterns, including spiderweb and gothic and we also offer many two-tone options as well.

11/16" Contour

1" Contour

5/8" Flat

Pencil Round

Pencil Square


No matter what style you want, whether functional or aesthetic, simple or sophisticated, we offer a full range of insulated glasses to satisfy your needs of high performance, textured and decorative glasses. Additionally, we offer laminated, tempered, tinted, beveled, v-groove and spandrel glass.


Decorative glass is available in limitless options. We can help you achieve the design you want by matching an existing design or help you create a statement window that is all your own.

Glass Textures

We have a wide range of glass textures available for you to get exactly the window you want. Please inquire for full list of glass texture options.


Glue Chip







The small details and finishing touches can define a home. We complete our window product offerings with an assortment of trim and window accessories. Our accessories include mull accessories, casing, nail fin and drip caps and more.

An arched and straight trim are available in many WM standard and custom profiles in all wood species.

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Our grain-matched trim is available in all wood species and trim profiles.

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Rosettes and keystones are available in all species.